Catch-A-Dream Christmas Card

Wishing you Joy as you Celebrate the birth of the Child Who Brought God’s Promise of Hope into the World!

Reel Worthwhile

“Catch-A-Dream never sleeps.” That’s a quip often heard by our staff and volunteers, but seldom by the general public. I often make the comment in the context of our “inner circles” to help remind all of us, including me, that we are involved in something of great importance, and that we have an equally great responsibility to be accountable and responsive.

We also talk about something that authors Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles call “The Spirit of the Squirrel,” their term for a concept called “Worthwhile Work” – Work that makes a difference not only in your own life, but also in the lives of others.” As Blanchard explains, squirrels stay busy doing what squirrels do; they gather nuts, eat a few, and bury the rest for a later time. Funny thing about those buried nuts, though, is that the squirrels never retrieve most of them! And some of those buried nuts germinate and sprout new trees – oaks, pecans, hickories, walnuts, beeches, you name it – new forests are born because squirrels stay busy! In fact, Blanchard says that the Spirit of the Squirrel (Worthwhile Work) actually fulfills God’s plan for the forest.

At Catch-A-Dream, we believe this concept applies equally to people; that is, as we demonstrate the Spirit of the Squirrel by doing worthwhile work (which makes a difference not only in our lives, but in the lives  

JR and Friends at Henderson Island

JR and Friends at Henderson Island

of other people) we are fulfilling God’s plan for OTHER people (the “forest.”) Thus, “Catch-A-Dream never sleeps” because we are, truly, involved in “Worthwhile Work” making a difference in our own little patch of forest.

I coined the “never sleep” phrase because the lives of the people we know, those who support us, and those we serve, don’t necessarily operate on a time clock schedule. One place where that is abundantly evident is the call logs on our telephones; we get a lot of calls and they are not always within the 8-5 timeframe. Regardless of the time or the day, we consider
them all important. Often a particular call is etched in my memory not solely for the content of the conversation, but for the timing, or the setting in which I found myself when the call came in…

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