Who is Eligible

Any child who fits the following criteria is eligible for consideration:

18 years old or younger (minimum age is 6; age 8 for hunting)
is a U.S. or Canadian citizen
has a qualifying physician-certified life-threatening illness
has not had another hunting or fishing grant

At least one parent or guardian must accompany child on dream adventure. The child must maintain eligibility throughout the application, planning and trip implementation process.

Additional Age Requirements for Specific Dream Adventures

Please note the following information regarding age requirements:

The minimum age for hunting is age 8.
• The minimum age for hunting “big game” such as elk, moose, caribou, mule deer, bear, etc. is age 12 (older in some states.) Younger ages can be accommodated for most other game.
The minimum age for deep-sea or off-shore fishing is 10 years old, but younger ages can be accommodated in most freshwater situations.