Article in Fur, Fin and Feathers Magazine

Fur, Fin and Feathers Magazine
By Ray Huntzicker

October 2001
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There’s a high country that awaits your coming;
There’s awesome beauty to fill you wish bliss;
There’s a golden chance in the offering-
Go, or these wonders of God you will miss.
-Bruce Brady

Bruce Brady of Bookhaven was a consummate outdoorsman who also loved children. He was also an attorney, sculptor, poet and writer. His love of the outdoors was reflected in his writing, his sculpture and his life. He was a field editor for Outdoor Life and a freelance writer for several other publications.

Many of Brady’s fondest experiences were hunting and fishing with family and friends in remote locations all over North America. As the father of three and grandfather of thirteen, Bruce was especially aware of the need to provide young people with opportunities to enjoy the wonder of nature.

“Dad has an appreciation of the outdoors,” said Bruce Brady, Jr., “He was a Christian and had a knack for seeing God’s hand in the outdoors. It was more than catching or killing to him; it was the whole EXPERIENCE.”

Bruce continued, “it really recharged his batteries to be in the outdoors while he was sick. When he found out that the Make a Wish Foundation has quit doing outdoor dreams, he became the driving force of what is now Catch-A-Dream.”

Brady enthusiastically embraced any outdoor challenge that came his way. He had a dream to provide life-changing outdoor experiences to children who need those experiences the most. Upon Brady’s death from cancer in February of 2000, the Bruce Brady Memorial Catch-A-Dream program was established to meet the challenge of providing these opportunities for seriously ill children. Although the program was started for Mississippi kids, it has recently gone national.

“We are very proud to have gone national,” said Peggy Brady. “we have had a tremendous response both in money and in-kind gifts.

Mrs. Brady continued, “we have a few outfitters lined up; what we need is more children. A lot of people just don’t know about us yet. We are also going to be going to children’s hospitals like St. Jude and Blair Batson.”

The first youngster to receive a trip was Richard Dickson, Jr. from Greene County, Mississippi, who has been battling T-Cell Lymphoma. The place was Mossy Oak’s famous Lee Haven Plantation in West Alabama. The quarry was whitetail deer on this well-known bowhunting club. Richard was joined on his weekend stay by his mother, father, sister, Catch-A-Dream Team Members Mrs. Peggy Brady, Bruce Brady, Jr., Matthew Brady, Marty Brunson and Bill Maily, who also served as Richard’s designated host and mentor for the weekend. Mossy Oak’s Toxey Haas, Darrell Daigre, Bob Dixon, PHil Barker, Ronnie “Cuz” Strickland and Troy Ruiz also enjoyed this great even. Within minutes after daylight, Richard harvested a fine five point with Bruce Brady, Jr. and Cuz Strickland in the blind with him. Mossy Oak filmed the entire hunt for its popular outdoor program “Hunting the Country.”

“Richard was a most gracious young man; he is a fine, fine young person,” said Mrs. Brady.

Dr. Marty Brunson oversees the day to day operations of Catch-A-Dream from his office at Mississippi State University. The Catch-A-Dream Foundation is actually incorporated through a program of the Mississippi 4-H Foundation, which provides financial and organizational oversight. The program is administered and implemented in partnership with the MSU Extension Service’s Field and Stream Youth Program and the Mississippi Wildlife Federation, the state’s largest and oldest conservation organization. Brunson is also the President of the Mississippi Wildlife federation.

“While I help oversee the day to day operations, this is Peggy and the family’s program,” said Dr. Brunson.

Dr. Brunson continued, “Dr. Ron Brown, who was then Director of Mississippi State University Extension Service, provided me the opportunity to get involved and I seized it.”

You can help Catch-A-Dream in many ways. You can volunteer time, donate a trip, donate equipment or donate money. To help Catch-A-Dream, call Dr. Marty Brunson at (662) 325-3174 or go to the website:

FFFM applauds Catch-A-Dream and all of its participants for their time and resources. We also congratulate Richard on his great five point!

Catch-A-Dream is actively searching for any critically ill child who desires to have an outdoor dream come true. Please contact the Catch-A-Dream staff at (662) 324-5700 or call FFFM if you know of a child who has an outdoor dream unfulfilled.