Friends and Families – by James and Ashley Bailey

Quite often we receive something in the mail that is not only highly gratifying, but also heartwarming and clearly worth sharing with others. Such was the case this past Spring when we received a very special gift from a Catch-A-Dream family. Caden and his family were on a hunt last Fall and, shortly after they received the taxidermy, they did something very special, as will be obvious in the following note that accompanied their very nice gift to us.

The Bailey family would like to thank you and all of the volunteers who had taken time out from their lives to make this wonderful Catch-A-Dream experience happen. From the beginning of this adventure, and even now, the Catch-A-Dream Foundation has taken great care of every aspect of this trip for Caden.Everyone who helped to make this happen has our warmest thank you and we pray that God blesses each and every one.

It takes some very special and determined people to do this. Nothing can repay any of you for the kindness that you have shown.

Enclosed with this letter you will find a small token of thank you from all of the Bailey family.

A family in Houston, Texas heard about what we had intended to do and requested, rather insisted, to pay for this gift and wished to remain anonymous. Hard oak wood was selected and crafted by hand to make the frame for your picture. The nameplate on the frame was also crafted by hand. It is our wish that you accept this gift and share it with all the Catch-A-Dream volunteers, sponsors, outfitters and anyone else who makes possible these dreams to come true.

We have received the deer from the taxidermy and it is now proudly displayed on the wall along with the plaque and photo storyboard which you sent.  Caden never tires of replaying the day of the hunt. He has me replay the video of him and Marty walking out to the deer over and over.  A friend of the family who also does taxidermy stopped by and scored Caden’s deer for him, 198 2/8 non-typical!

Please let it be known that all of you do make a difference in the lives of these children and their families. The smile on their faces and the joy in their hearts is the sweet escape from all the hardships which are faced in their everyday lives. It is the Catch -A-Dream Foundation that makes the adventure possible, but it’s the wonderful people who make it a memory. To this, and the countless hours which everyone puts in behind the scenes to pull these adventures together for children to Catch-A-Dream, thank you and may God Bless!

Sincerely,  The Bailey Family