Branding Guidelines




Catch-A-Dream Foundation Full Color Logo

We have eight colors used in our full-color logo
with its closest matching pantone colors below:

Royal Blue:  PANTONE 7462 C
Navy Blue:  PANTONE 654 C
Light Blue:  PANTONE 649 C
Light Beige:  PANTONE 7401 C
Dark Beige:  PANTONE 810 C
Off-White:  PANTONE 7499 C
Light Pink:  PANTONE 677 C
 Green:  PANTONE 556 C

Catch-A-Dream Foundation Wordmark

In addition to Pantone 7462, Pantone 300 C is an acceptable color format to use for printed uses of the Catch-A-Dream Foundation Wordmark and Boxed Wordmark. We require that the wordmark be used in our royal blue, black, or white. All other color variations must be approved.

  Secondary Royal Blue:  PANTONE 300


Royal Blue:  #0067ac
C=100 M=50 Y=0 K=10  |  R=0 G=103, B=172
Navy Blue:  #004080
C=100 M=84.36 Y=22.39 K=7.3  |  R=0 G=64, B=128
Green:  #6fa088
C=60 M=22 Y=53 K=2  |  R=111 G=160 B=136
Beige:  #fff2d4
C=0 M=4 Y=18 K=0  |  R=255 G=242 B=212



To preserve the integrity of the Catch-A-Dream Foundation Logo and Wordmark please maintain white space/clear space. When using the Catch-A-Dream Foundation Logo and Wordmarks there should be no touching or overlapping graphics of the branded elements.

The Catch-A-Dream Foundation Logo and Wordmark must be reproduced in a legible size.


The shape and proportions of logo and wordmark should not be altered. Elements from the Catch-A-Dream
Foundation Logo may not be extracted and altered. Do not extract elements, such as the Catch•A•Dream
top portion of the wordmark to use as a stand alone graphic without permission.


The Catch-A-Dream Foundation Wordmark was updated in 2016 with the following fonts for legibility purposes:

CATCH • A • DREAM font is Charter – Regular

FOUNDATION​   font is Fira Sans – Medium

When “Catch-A-Dream” is used in a body of text we require Times New Roman to be implemented (or the updated font Charter if available).


When using “Catch-A-Dream” on a webpage where a serif font or Times New Roman is not available we ask that all uses of “Catch-A-Dream” standing alone (without Foundation in the name” be italicized:  Catch-A-Dream


The tagline “For Youth with Precious Little Time to Lose” should also be used in Times New Roman or Charter fonts


The only acceptable acronym for Catch-A-Dream Foundation is CADF


Catch-A-Dream must be written with first letter capitalization separated by hyphens. No other variations of punctuation or spaces may be used as substitutes other than hyphens or dashes. (Catch A Dream, Catch-a-Dream, Catch a Dream, CatchADream,  catch a dream, Catch*A*Dream, Catch.A.Dream, etc. are incorrect uses)


We seek to maintain a branding aesthetic of professionalism. We do not wish to overuse camouflage, hunter green, or blaze orange, but rather highlight our color palette as show on our website, logo, and wordmarks. We emphasize an aesthetic of royal blue as our primary color. Whereas we have a flexible use of other colors in conjunction with events, printed materials, and Friends of Catch-A-Dream entities, we wish to maintain a branded look most noticeable by our use of blue (royal and navy) and secondarily green.​ We exercise restraint with other color uses and patterns.

font-family: "Times New Roman", Times, serif;