Outdoorsmen Catching the Dream and the Vision

Continental Kennel Club Magazine Winter 2005  

Right on Target

Star-Tribune By Dustin Bleizeffer HULETT — Thirteen years old, and it hurts to walk. One of the major side-effects of battling leukemia with chemotherapy is deterioration of the joints, especially in the hips. Another thing about the disease is that people won’t leave you alone. Brad Clanton doesn’t want attention because his illness makes him different. […]

Catch-A-Dream, A Program For Youth With Precious Little Time to Lose

Delta Wildlife, Magazine By Dr. Marty Brunson Winter 2003 view (pdf) article here Bruce Brady, of Brookhaven, MS, an attorney, sculptor, poet and outdoor writer, was an icon in the outdoor world. As a field editor for Outdoor Life magazine and free-lance correspondent for several other publications, he hunted and fished across the continent. Countless readers re-lived […]


Mississippi Wildlife Magazine By Dr. Marty Brunson Winter 2003 view (pdf) article here


Mississippi Wildlife Magazine By Mike Adlam Fall 2003 view (pdf) article here


Mississippi Wildlife Magazine By Ken Adkins Summer 2003 view (pdf) article here

Catch-A-Dream Hunter in Alaska

Safari News, Safari Club International By Mike Adlam February 2003 view (pdf) article here

Catching An Outdoor Dream

Woods-Water and Wildlife Farm Credit Bank of Texas Vol. 2, #1 Fall 2002 view (pdf) article here

A Dream Come True: Providing Outdoor Trips for Critically Ill Children

Landscapes Farm Credit Bank of Texas By Sheryl Smith-Rodgers Summer 2002 view (pdf) article here The morning was gray, drizzly and cold. But even adverse weather couldn’t dampen 10-year-old Ryan Welch’s excitement as he and Ronnie “Cuz” Strickland hiked across the wet, grassy pasture toward a stand of post oaks. After hunkering down against a […]

Catch-A-Dream Update

Wildlife Digest Magazine By Dr. Marty Brunson Spring 2002 view (pdf) article here