Youth receives a ‘Dream’ hunt in Lawrence Co.

The Daily Leader By Rhonda Dunaway January 2014 view (PDF) article here

Catching a dream, the hunt of a lifetime By Kaylin Bade October 2012   Patricia Noelke, 15, of New Haven has loved to hunt and fish her entire life.  Just like many girls her age from our rural area, Patricia has actively participated in these sports since she was seven years old.  However, unlike her peers, she has had to cope with […]

Last Chance Outdoors Wishes Granted by the Catch-A-Dream Foundation

Outdoor Hub By Agnieszka Spieszny November 2011 For one important moment of their difficult lives, the Catch-A -Dream Foundation offers youth who battle life-threatening illnesses the tranquility of the outdoors and genuine bonding time spent with their family. That was the initial vision of Bruce Brady, who expressed his hope for such an organization only […]

Chamber to have Big Buck Contest

Brewton Standard July 2011 The Brewton Area Chamber of Commerce will be hosting a big buck contest this fall. The Greater Brewton Area Chamber of Commerce’s big buck contest will benefit not only the local chamber of commerce but two well known charities as well—the Catch-A-Dream Foundation and the Alabama Hunters Helping The Hungry. Chamber […]

Wainwright is Catching a Dream

Cardinals News By Matthew Leach February 2010 JUPITER, Fla. — If the Catch-A-Dream Foundation didn’t already exist, Adam Wainwright likely would have created it. It’s impossible to imagine a charitable organization that would be a better fit for the Cardinals’ star right-hander. Wainwright loves hunting and fishing — needs to have them in his life, […]

Catch-A-Dream fuels enthusiasm in youth

MSU Ag Communications MSU Extension Service By Bonnie Coblentz August 2009 MISSISSIPPI STATE – Dreams often drive the will to live and the courage to endure, and one organization based at Mississippi State University is helping fuel these dreams for young people across the country who face life-threatening health conditions. The Catch-A-Dream Foundation is a […]

Haircut for a Good Cause

By Anna King April 2007 view (PDF) article here Brandon Anderson was known around Stringer for his shoulder-length hair; that is until he recently decided to cut it all off for a good cause. Anderson approached fellow church members at Edon Baptist Church in Stringer and said that he would cut off one inch per every […]

Touchstone Field Trial a Huge Sucess

Picayune Item By Mark Wallace April May 2003 view (PDF) article here

A Chance for Special Kids to Catch A Dream

News-Star (Monroe, LA daily) By Glynn Harris August 25, 2002 It was a break Kay and I needed. On the spur of the moment, we hopped in the car and drove to one of our favorite destinations, Vicksburg, MS for a weekend get-away. While packing up to head home Sunday morning, there was a program on […]

Program enables youth to fulfill outdoor dreams

Forestry, Wildlife & Fisheries News MSU Extension Service By Ashley Crawford January 2002 MISSISSIPPI STATE — Granting outdoor wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses was a dream Bruce Brady never saw materialize, but the program developed in his memory carries out his dreams. Catch-A-Dream is a wish-granting program that was founded to memorialize Brady, a […]