Catching Up With Catch-A-Dream – by Dr. Marty Brunson, CEO

The year 2016 has brought many new opportunities to Catch-A-Dream, and the Spring holds many exciting things for us. Now in its 15thyear, Catch-A-Dream is fortunate to have friends in […]

Perspectives – by Dr. Marty Brunson, CEO

Reel Worthwhile “Catch-A-Dream never sleeps.” That’s a quip often heard by our staff and volunteers, but seldom by the general public. I often make the comment in the context of our “inner circles” […]

Friends and Families – Kristyn’s Mom from TN

Recently we received a special note from one of our CADF families from Tennessee Our family is so grateful for the wonderful trip you provided for our daughter, Kristyn, back in […]

Friends and Families – by James and Ashley Bailey

Quite often we receive something in the mail that is not only highly gratifying, but also heartwarming and clearly worth sharing with others. Such was the case this past Spring […]

Star Student Perseveres

Every now and then we receive a call or message from a high school student who wants to use Catch-A-Dream as their Senior Project.  We’ve had numerous students do this over the […]

Friends and Family – by Scott Neelley

It is September, and our 13 year old son, Hunter is going half days to school as often as he possibly can, but has missed numerous days from appointments, chemo […]

Volunteer of the Year – Tim Wilkinson

The Catch-A-Dream Volunteer of the Year Award is presented for the most significant demonstration of commitment to “the Vision” of the Catch-A-Dream Foundation through contribution of time, energy and talents toward fulfilling […]

Kosciusko, MS Schools Catch the Vision

The Kosciusko School District has been known for its success academically and on the athletic field, but in mid-September, the students at Kosciusko School District proved they had something greater […]

Catch-A-Dream has a NEW Home!

The Catch-A-Dream Foundation has, from its inception in 2000, been housed on the campus of Mississippi State University in a unique and unprecedented partnership between a charitable foundation and a […]

Friends and Family – by Stephen Turner

On June 30, 2009 my family heard the words that no one would ever want to hear.  “Your son has a tumor and we believe it is cancer.”  The ride […]