Friends and Family – by Allie Walker

I was born in 1996 with Cystic Fibrosis, a chronic illness that is the number one genetic killer of children today. When I was diagnosed at 3 years old, my […]

From the Field – by Tom Pate

My name is Tom Pate, a volunteer Host from Albany, Georgia. I want to share the really WILD set of circumstances and “coincidences” that God pulled off to get Anna […]

Friends and Family – by Kristin Busby

How does one put into words their innermost feelings, the feeling of overwhelming gratitude, the feeling of appreciation and the feeling of being loved after only just a few short […]

Volunteer of the Year – Mike Hainsey

The 2011 CADF Volunteer of The Year  will be recognized at the Mississippi Wildlife Federation’s 2012 Conservation Achievement Awards Banquet This award is given for the most significant demonstration of […]

Inside Tracks – Volunteering by Dr. Marty Brunson

A common misconception we encounter on a daily basis is the role of volunteers on child trips.  We receive offers on almost a daily basis from very sincere and well-meaning […]