Granting Wishes

Whitetails Unlimited Magazine
By Jeff Schinkten, President
Fall 2018
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Dream Sheds III extends Whitetails Unlimited’s partnership with the Drury brothers and Catch-A-Dream Foundation. Our most recent effort, Dream Sheds II, combined with an extremely successful effort during WTU’s 2012 fiscal year, generated more than $290,000 for the Catch-A-Dream Foundation.

As I have stated many times, it has been one the the most heart-warming initiatives that I have ever experienced while working for WTU, and our members supported the past Dream Sheds II effort just as enthusiastically as the original launch of Dream Sheds.

Catch-A-Dream Foundation has been providing outdoor adventures since 2000. The foundation provides once-in-a-lifetime dream hunting and fishing experiences for children in the United States and Canada, age 18 and younger, who suffer from life-threatening illnesses. This unique experience offers a time for families to create happy memories while dealing with some very traumatic issues.

The foundation works closely with the families and their doctors to make sure all hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activity is appropriate for the participant. As a 501(c)3 organization, Catch-A-Dream makes the most of every dollar they receive, and each trip involves the entire family, at no cost to them. For over 17 years Catch-A-Dream has stayed true to its singular mission and provides hope and encouragement through hunting and fishing adventures.

For Dream Sheds III, Mark and Terry Drury donated over 150 shed antlers that were collected from their properties located in Iowa and Missouri. These sheds, along with a certificate of authenticity will be featured as a special auction item at “select” WTU events during the current fiscal year. Once again, Whitetails Unlimited members are being asked to meet the challenge of making a dream come true. It’s a huge undertaking to put together a large quantity of quality sheds; but Mark, Terry, and their friends worked diligently for several seasons to collect enough so WTU could offer Dream Sheds III.

Again, this partnership is something that everyone who hunts and fishes can support, and Whitetails Unlimited is extremely proud to be doing its part. For more specifics on the work that Catch-A-Dream Foundation does, visit, and for Drury Outdoors, visit