Friends of Catch-A-Dream


The “Friends” program is a mechanism through which The Catch-A-Dream Foundation embraces local volunteers who desire to raise funds and raise general awareness of Catch-A-Dream in their communities and beyond without the need for chartering chapters or affiliates. Increasingly our “Friends” at the grassroots level have embraced Catch-A-Dream and want to magnify our efforts by working in their communities or even broader venues to  generate resources and awareness to help us perpetuate what we have come to call “The Vision!” Many people have caught and embraced the Catch-A-Dream “Vision” and have become passionate about helping us continue to serve a very special group of children and families across the US and Canada. “Friends of Catch-A-Dream” is an opportunity for anyone to become personally involved in supporting the Catch-A-Dream Foundation (CADF) in their own community and beyond. The “Friends” program allows us to provide a local “identity” that can be helpful in community or region-based fund raising efforts.

Whether as a volunteer, or simply attending an event, support of a nearby “Friends of Catch-A-Dream” Committee may be the best way for our friends and supporters in various locales to become involved and make a substantial difference on behalf of the Catch-A-Dream Foundation. Registration in the “Friends” program affords benefits to local efforts on our behalf, including:


  • Increased legitimacy in the eyes of the supporting public.
  • Added public confidence at the local level and enhanced fundraising efficiency.
  • Official listing in our “Friends” registry.
  • Sanction as an official “Friends of Catch-A-Dream” committee.

To receive the maximum benefit and official sanction by Catch-A-Dream, including access to logos, promotional materials and special purchase programs, registration is required. If you have an interest in the “Friends” program contact us for more information.

Other Volunteers

Given that we don’t use a chapter approach, have no chartered affiliates (see explanation in our FAQ’s page) and have our one office located in Starkville, Mississippi, it is difficult to adequately utilize many energies and talents that are located in various places across the US.  This is where our Friends concept provides opportunity.  Passionate volunteers at the local level can identify with and assist a Friends event or activity near them and thus have a direct tie and contribution to our Program and Mission.

A common misconception we see is that volunteers are involved in the actual child trip experience. In most cases, we use outfitters and charters that have staff and infrastructure to meet all needs during a hunt or fishing experience. These are highly personal, intimate and relatively private experiences, and thus the need for volunteers outside the outfitter, charter or guide service is typically minimal.

Due to overwhelming response from our friends across the nation, we have suspended acceptance of online volunteer applications. But we do welcome and remain sincerely interested in personal contact and conversations with prospective volunteers.  We feel this is the wiser approach, we do not want generous people offering time and talent that we are not able to effectively utilize, thus ultimately creating disappointment. In that context, we feel we would not be good stewards of this interest and volunteerism to simply continue to enroll legions of volunteers with no real function.

With that in mind, we’ve taken a more personal approach to volunteer engagement, and we utilize direct conversation and mutual discussion of priorities and passions to identify the best fit opportunities for individual volunteers.  We know you understand, and trust that you will let us know of your interest and desire to discuss opportunities by using the “Contact Us” tab.