Catch-A-Dream at Little Flat Creek Ranch

Catch-A-Dream Experience at Little Flat Creek Ranch


Little Flat Creek Ranch Founder Bill Roller and Catch-A-Dream CEO Dr. Marty Brunson first met in early May 2004 at the Catch The Vision Celebrity Event at Old Waverly Golf Club in West Point, MS. Hosted by Mossy Oak, this was Catch-A-Dream’s first big fund raising event, and Bill Roller made the trek from Purdy, MO to attend with friends from the Walmart leadership team. As Bill later shared, it was here that he “sorta caught that vision they talk about,” and within a couple of weeks he had laid in place a plan that would forever change not only the direction and priorities for Little Flat Creek Ranch, but would equally impact the (then) fledgling Catch-A-Dream Foundation.

Most significantly, Bill desired to provide trophy whitetail hunts for Catch-A-Dream and the children they serve. The ranch had everything needed to accomplish that objective, including a herd of world class white-tailed deer and a proven track record of success. But he also needed a means of subsidizing the opportunity costs incurred when he necessarily reduced the number of hunts commercially available to client hunters. As was typical for Bill, however, when his mental gears started turning, things started happening.

Working with Tom Coughlan and “Big Bob” Hart from Walmart, he devised an ingenious two-pronged plan to partner with Catch-A-Dream. After fine tuning the plan and garnering significant initial external support, Bill invited Marty to the Ranch in early June to meet with an impressive assemblage of outdoor industry and corporate leaders as they unveiled an ambitious and unprecedented plan for supporting Catch-A-Dream.

After enjoying a gourmet lunch comprising various wild game dishes prepared by Ranch Chef Larry Glaze, Bill detailed his vision to 1) provide twelve (12) whitetail hunts each September to Catch-A-Dream, and 2) to publish a photographic wall calendar, composed of photos of Little Flat Creek Ranch deer, with sponsorships at a level adequate to subsidize the twelve deer hunts.

The calendar would be sold in Walmart stores across the nation, with the Ranch profits donated to Catch-A-Dream. Bill then surveyed the 12 industry leaders seated at the huge dining table to gain their affirmations of commitment to the plan. One by one they unanimously expressed both personal and financial commitment to the project. That part was easy!

Turning then to Marty, Bill said, in his own inimitable fashion So…Marty, we want to start this September. What do you think? This is where the real test began; at least for Marty and for Catch-A-Dream. Marty had made mental notes during the discussions, listened to the passions and commitments expressed, and factored all that input into what he, and only he among those in the room, knew about the Catch-A Dream program delivery model. After surveying the room, noting the expectant expressions on each face, he swallowed hard, wiped a bit of sweat off his brow, and replied Mr. Bill, we’ve never done twelve deer hunts in a single year, much less in 1 month. And September is right around the corner. Though we are grateful and humbled by this intriguing plan and the support represented here today, I’m not sure that this is really feasible. At present, we don’t even have enough applications for deer hunts to fill those twelve hunts. Seeing Bill’s pending disappointment and loss of countenance reflected around the table in the faces of that group of industry and corporate “top brass” he continued “However, if this is something in which The Lord is involved, and this is His plan for Catch-A-Dream, I don’t see how we can say ‘No.’ If The Lord is in this, He will provide the applications. Let us proceed!”

And so it began in the Fall of 2004, the first of what would become many Catch-A-Dream hunts at Little Flat Creek took place; in fact, the first TWELVE took place that Fall, all in September! Yes, indeed, the Lord provided! And He has provided every year since that time.

“Well, you know, there are a lot of good charities. There are a lot of worthy causes out there.  And most people only have enough time or resources to do justice to one.  Catch-A-Dream is a program that accomplishes a lot of good. And it’s the program that we’ve chosen to put our effort in.”

Bill Roller
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