Local teen granted fishing trip through Catch-A-Dream Foundation

by Cash Matlock

GOLDEN TRIANGLE, Miss. (WCBI) – John Corbell has been through a lot during his 16 years of life.

Last year WCBI brought you the story of John’s heart transplant.

Not too long after that surgery, he found out that his heart medication had caused him to develop lymphoma.

Recently, John was able to take a break from all of his medical troubles and fulfill a life-long dream of going deep sea fishing with his family.

He said it’s a trip he’ll never forget.

“It was just really cool for Catch A Dream to be doing this for me and all other kids that have problems,” said Corbell. “Just let them have a happy day and forget about being sick.”

“Literally the first time in 16 years we got good news without, you know, this is good, but this, this is good. Within the last two weeks, we got a great check up on the heart. It’s doing great. Now we’re not dealing with cancer anymore, so we’re ready to have a good summer,” said John’s mother Sabrina Corbell.

John – from Alabama

Catch A Dream has been operating for 19 years now and is close to granting 700 trips to children in need.