Star Student Perseveres

Every now and then we receive a call or message from a high school student who wants to use Catch-A-Dream as their Senior Project.  We’ve had numerous students do this over the past few years, and we thought we’d highlight one of the most recent.  This story has an interesting twist in that the “plan” was dealt a major setback by weather conditions, but this student, Matt Chenoweth, was not to be outdone. He revised his plan and improvised, demonstrating not only ingenuity but also perseverance and a will to succeed.  Our hats are off to Matt, and following is the narrative he provided to us at the conclusion of the project.  In our opinion, he should get an A+!







star-studentIn Randolph County, WV all seniors in high school are required to do a senior project. What I wanted to do was have a fundraiser for Catch-A-Dream. I chose Catch-A-Dream because hunting is my passion, it is what I love to do and always will be. I thought having a fundraiser would be a great way to give back to something I love. I have been following Drury Outdoors for many years and every year when I watch an episode with a Catch-A-Dream hunt it just touches my heart and that is how I came up with the idea for my senior project.

star-student-3For my fundraiser I grew a field of pumpkins over the summer to sell this Fall but, with the rainy summer in WV, the pumpkin crop was scarce. So I came up with the idea to sell fall crafts to make up for the pumpkins that I lost due to the rainy summer. In October I held my fundraiser at a local elementary school and then donated all proceeds to Catch-A-Dream. It gave me great pleasure to write that check knowing that it was going to such a great cause!