"I have cried. I have laughed. I have seen my siblings and mom so happy. I have made new friends who will forever be my family. I have gone on amazing adventures. I have seen wonderful things. I haven't been stressed. I wore makeup without worry. I wore clothes without worry. I talked about my past without crying. I spent time with my mom and saw her smile. I saw my sister get excited not because my brother was home but because we were all together. I felt like we were normal for a week. And I know that's not true but I did. I fell in love with my mom again. I fell in love with my siblings again. And I fell in love with me again. I am more than happy to say that I couldn't care less about what anyone says or does to me anymore because I love my family and they love me"
– Sister of 10 yr. old boy
"He will be better the rest of his life for this. When he can't breathe, he will remember that one of the things he was taught in the deer stand was "just breathe" which is ironic, because that's the motto for cystic fibrosis "Just Breathe" and "every breath counts."
– Parent of 14 yr. old boy
“My son had a dream come true that I would have never been able to have given him. We made friends that we will never forget…..You and your organization will be blessed for the life-changing experiences you give to children.”
– Mother of 16 yr. old boy
“Thank you, for giving Matt such an experience! I don’t think he has come down off his high yet! I can’t explain the joy that our family has experienced from seeing Matt so happy.”
– Mother of 14 yr. old boy
"We want to thank this organization for the wonderful time we had. It was an amazing experience and a nice break from the stress of cancer treatment. Thank you so much for giving him and my other sons a break from the stressors and giving them wonderful memories and lifelong bonds with wonderful friends. God bless this charity and the people who run it. You guys are awesome!"
– Parent of 18 yr. old boy
"Peaceful, breathtaking, and much more! My son had an awesome time! He was so free and at peace!"
– Parent of 10 yr. old boy
"This was honestly the most wonderful experience we have ever had! We were made to feel so special and welcome. My son getting his buck was just the icing on the cake. Fishing and exploring and making new friends was fantastic."​
– Mother of a 12 year old boy
“This was something for me to really look forward to. As I was leaving home, I was thinking that this has to be a dream, that it can’t be real. I would just like to thank everyone involved.”
– 11 yr. old boy
“Thank you for all that you have done for us. Our entire family is very appreciative to you and the organization. We have memories that the boys will never forget and we are telling everyone to go to the website to read about Catch-A-Dream to get the awareness out so that maybe more people will donate to you. We hope more families will be able to cherish their time with their children in the same wonderful environment we have experienced. We hope God blesses you, your family, and the organization. Bill was a wonderful host and the Bozemans really made us feel welcomed and a part of their family. I hope they are able to continue to participate because they really make dreams come true through their caring and love.”
– Parents of two boys, ages 16 and 11
“The Catch-A-Dream trip def gave my son an amazing time. We just got back from our trip to GA, and it was amazing. We had an amazing host, and he hasn’t stopped talking about it.”
– Father of 9 yr. old boy
"It was an awesome time all the way around. From start to finish, Catch-A-Dream takes the best care of you and your child. We were treated like family. We made lots of memories that will last a life time"
– Parent of 13 yr. old girl
“God is awesome, and has given us a glimpse of just how precious life is. We appreciate every day. No matter how many years he has, they’re going to be good years, and people like this help make that special.”
– Mother of 13 yr. old boy
The friendships we made in the four days we were there was awesome! Their goal was to make us feel like family. They succeeded. We didn't want to leave. The hospitality was incredible. We will be forever grateful and cherish the memories made! Love you all at Catch-A-Dream!!! Thank you all so much!!!!"
– Parent of 10 yr. old boy
“Wow! This 2-day trip netted lifetime memories and lifetime friends that we will always appreciate. Our hosts made us feel like members of their family and, along with the nice people of CATCH-A-DREAM, made my son’s dream of taking a trophy whitetail buck come true. A lot of people go through their life without ever chasing after their dreams. But my son continued to stay hungry for that buck and through the help of several wonderful people a very deserving young man caught his dream. I want to express very special thanks to our most gracious hosts and great friends. With hope, love, and prayers, I will forever be in your debt. The heart-felt warmth and kindness that was extended to me and Cody while at your home is above and beyond letting a little sick boy kill a deer.”
– Father of 12 yr. old boy
"We had the best time! Truly was a dream come true for him and us. We all loved fishing! Every one of you are such caring, kind, wonderful, beautiful people. We are truly blessed!"
– Mother of a 9 yr. old boy
“Last June when he was so sick and in the hospital, he had a depressed feeling and he was asking about dying. Today he is talking about his future. He is even looking into colleges. What a difference!”
– Mother of 14 yr. old boy
"I wanted to say thank you for the amazing experience that Catch-A-Dream gave my family. It was more than I could have ever imagined it would be. There are no words to describe how it has impacted my family and the hope that it has brought into our lives. Catch-A-Dream is a truly great organization with truly great people. My son, who is normally a home body was crushed when we had to leave. Going with your organization was a total life changing trip. I just cannot thank you enough. Once again thank you and God bless."
– Parent of 10 yr. old boy
"Just from the beginning with Catch-A-Dream: the emails, the phone calls; it is above and beyond anything I could have ever imagined"
– Parent of 11 yr. old boy
"Catch-A-Dream was an experience of a lifetime he'll never forget. Thank you to all the wonderful people that treated us like family. They really know how to show kids an awesome time plus a little extra. Thank you again and God bless everyone we met on this incredible journey!!!"
– Parent of a 6 yr. old boy
“Andy had a Disney World grant from another organization. But Catch-A-Dream is different, and not just because this is hunting and fishing. At Disney World we had a good time, then went home; over and done. No one met us at the airport, no one hugged Andy and the rest of us and told Andy that they loved him. No one went out of their way like you folks in Catch-A-Dream have done. You have treated us like family, and that is exactly what you have now become to our little boy, and to us. True family.”
– Parents of a 12 yr. old boy
"Catch-A-Dream is truly awesome. They made my grandson's dream come true this week. We are so grateful and thank each & everyone. God Bless you all!"
– Grandmother of 14 yr old boy.
“There will be certain things in your life that you’ll never forget…that you’ll always remember. This will be one of those things that we will all draw on; everybody that’s here….not just me, not just Richard, but all of us…I really believe that.”
- Father of 13 yr. old boy
"No words to express the amazing impact this organization had on our family. Beyond amazing; such thoughtful people working together to provide a trip of a lifetime. God bless Catch-A-Dream and every single person supporting this fabulous organization. Thank you is not enough to express our gratitude."
– Mother of a 12 yr. old boy
“My child’s whole attitude has changed, he’s got a whole new perspective on life now because of you all being strangers, but strangers who really care. And he saw that and now he’s driving on with a purpose instead of day to day. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts. We love you all. God bless each one of you!”
– Parents of a 16 yr. old boy
“Thanks again for everything that you did for Taylor. It was truly a trip to remember. When a child would rather return to Alaska over Disney World, that’s an accomplishment!”
– Mother of 9 yr. old girl
"Such a wonderful thing that this organization does for these kids. Everything was perfect from the trip to the location to the hunt and home. The hospitality from our host Walt Taylor was incredible. He made us feel like family, we love ya Walt!! Eddy and Dennis, our outfitter and guide, made our son Logan feel like he has known them forever. He had total trust in these guys who are wonderful guides and awesome people... the ceremony after the hunt was just amazing as well. The presentation of the plaque and throw and bibles are things that just mean so much and were totally unexpected --- brought tears to us all. All of these things just proves to us all that God is real and does guide us and does answer our prayers. Thanks so much for providing this opportunity to our family, and all that you do for these amazing kids that fight so hard to win their battles, it provides so much hope."
– Parent of 15 yr. old boy
"Thank you for providing for our family to take our Catch-A-Dream fishing trip to Louisiana. Words can't describe how much this trip has meant to our family. In this long season of our son's medical battles, the trip was a reprieve that gave us strength to get back in the battle and have the will to fight again. We haven't seen our son come alive in a long time the way that he did going out fishing on the water each day and even since we've been back home, we've seen some of that hopefulness carry through to daily life, which has been a huge gift. Before we left we weren't sure how he would make it through the airport, since he had been feeling so nauseous. We were so relieveed that the Lord not only provided for him to get through but that a new joy arose from so many ways that your organization blessed him and our family. The Lord used your organization to carry us through a time where we've struggled to keep going and also to remind us that He's been carrying us all along, even when it's hard and doesn't feel that way..."
– Parent of 12 yr. old boy
"What an adventure this was for my son! It was the perfect healing and inspiring adventure that he needed at the perfect time. He came home refreshed with thoughts about the future, which was up in the air for him. A blessing indeed!"
– Mother of 17 yr. old boy
“Most amazing experience ever for my son. One he’ll never forget!”
– Mother of 11 yr. old boy
"Thank you everyone for the smile that’s on my baby’s face. It’s been a long time since I got to see that. It’s the greatest gift I could possibly ask for."
– Mother of 15 yr. old boy
"To the people of Catch-A-Dream and Marty, my family would like to thank everyone for giving our son such a wonderful hunting experience. We will never forget the smiles that were on his face. Again, thank you. My son, I know, is smiling down on us. Keep us in your prayers, love to everyone."
– Mother of a 17 yr. old boy
"To Everyone that made this possible for our family- thank you!! A magnificent organization!! The fact that they worked so hard in order for my son to have his dream adventure- then orchestrate all the details was amazing. An absolutely fantastic time- away from cancer! Away from cell phones just time unplugged and in the woods and nature- just what the doctor ordered. No one wanted to leave..."
– Mother of a 17 year old boy
“This really helped his self-esteem. This isn’t the same boy that’s at home….he’s perked right up…he’s ready to go. He’s taking the hunting seriously, but he’s also having a great time.”
– Father of 10 yr. old
"The folks from Catch-A-Dream are great!!! My son got to participate in a deer hunt several years ago. Mr. Marty and the other folks at Catch-A-Dream will become like family. The memories that they gave my son are priceless. Keep up the great work guys."
– Father of a 9 yr. old boy
"The way they made you feel like family and just really embraced you like you were their own was just phenomenal."
– Parent of 10 yr. old boy
“It will be a memory that will last a lifetime. Our family will never be able to express our appreciation for what this meant to all of us. The family time really brought us closer together and as I said before the memories will sustain us for a lifetime.”
– Mother of 17 yr. old boy
"Wonderful, great, compassionate, the list goes on! My son got to participate in this program back in 2009. It brought so much happiness and hope to my son during his dark time with cancer. The joy it brought to him was and still is priceless! Thank you all at Catch-A-Dream for your compassion and love you instill on so many children and mine. You guys are great and I wanted to thank you so much for giving my son such a wonderful experience!!!!"
– Mother of 12 yr. old boy
“Catch-A-Dream will be forever in our hearts. The team is a group of Godly people who want to share their love, time, and the Gospel with those who are living through awful medical circumstances. The team understands the importance of siblings and the whole family unit – not just the sick child. That really matters. We cherish our time with the Catch-A-Dream guys.”
– Mother of 12 yr. old boy