The High Country – Poem by Bruce Brady

Have you ever wanted to go out there,
Where you’ve never been before,
And stalk an elk on a mountaintop
Almost at Heaven’s door?

Have you ever wanted to see the sun
Turn a snow-capped peak to gold,
And then with a sky full of color,
Bring on the evening’s cold?

Have you ever wanted to scale a peak
Far above the aspen and pine,
And see the world splashed in autumn
Way down at the timberline?

Have you ever wanted to breath the air,
Full of the sweetness the angels know,
And to rest up above man’s cities,
Full of toil and trouble far below?

Have you ever wanted to speak with God
And to know that your heart was right,
And to marvel at his handiwork
When the stars tumbled out at night?

Have you ever wanted to test yourself
In a land that’s hard and tough,
And to fight ol’ nature’s hardships
To find out if you’re really tough?

If you ever want to go up there,
Now’s the time to go, don’t you wait,
Our life has a way of slipping by
And before you know it, you’re too late.

There’s a high country that awaits your coming;
There’s awesome beauty to fill you with bliss;
There’s a golden chance in the offering–
Go, or these wonders of God you will miss.

Bruce Holmes Brady