TOOLBOX for Social Work and Child Life Professionals

Thank you for visiting this page we have created just for YOU!

We know that your time is precious and we do not want to divert your efforts from your primary task of serving and touching the lives of children and families with which you are involved. The role that you play in helping children and families understand the opportunities available to them is vital to our mission, and we seek to make this process as effective and efficient as possible for you.

Your involvement in the initial stages of a child’s application process helps Catch-A-Dream deliver hope into the lives of children all over the United States and Canada. Without you, and volunteers, supporters and outfitters just like you all over the continent, Catch-A-Dream could not exist. To that end, we have developed these reference resources to provide quick, easily accessible information to make your job easier.

We hope that you will enjoy working with Catch-A-Dream and the children whose lives we touch. We greatly appreciate your support. Thank you for helping to make outdoor dreams come true.

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