Friends and Family – by Stephen Turner

turner-familyOn June 30, 2009 my family heard the words that no one would ever want to hear.  “Your son has a tumor and we believe it is cancer.”  The ride home that day was mute, but soon we found that being mute was not going to help.  With family, friends, and my pastor gathered I explained the news and proclaimed that the God we serve would take care of Austin if we trusted and believed in Him.  Austin adopted Jeremiah 29:11 as his statement of faith.

Since that time Austin has undergone 11 months of intense chemotherapy, 25 radiation treatments, over 50 blood transfusions, over 30 platelet transfusions and 2 major surgeries.  God has made evident that he has a plan for Austin, this family and everyone he comes in contact with.  Today Austin is 13 years old and has been cancer free for over a year and a half.  We know that Austin’s journey is not over; we just celebrate and praise God for his accomplishments.

On September 26, 2011 my son, Austin Turner had the opportunity to harvest a trophy white-tailed deer.   It was a beautiful day that the Lord had made when this large animal appeared in front of the shooting house.  Austin kept his cool the entire hunt.  I on the other hand was shaking like a leaf on a tree.   Austin steadied his aim and awaited the command from the guide, with one exhale of breath the bullet was out of the barrel and dead on target.  The excitement filled the shooting house and one look to Austin was all it took to see that now he was shaking like a leaf on a tree.  This was only the icing on the cake for the 3 day trip to the foothills of the Missouri Ozark Mountains.  The 3 days spent on our Catch-A-Dream trip at Little Flat Creek Ranch was absolutely fabulous.  The Holy Spirit filled the atmosphere which surrounded us.

turner-familyAustin was afforded this opportunity through a very special organization called Catch-A-Dream Foundation.  Catch-A-Dream is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization based at Mississippi State University.  This organization has made a dream come true for my son.  Dr. Marty Brunson, Brian Chisholm and their staff have done an exceptional job at making a dream come true.

The trip was by far not over after the harvesting of this animal.  The next 48 hours are memories that are etched in the hearts and minds of my family forever.  The staff at Little Flat Creek Ranch made this happen for us.  Thanks to Mr. Bill Roller, owner of the ranch, and to Catch-A-Dream for making the entire trip and experience possible.

My family and I would like to personally thank everyone who has donated time, money, prayers and devotion to us.  Forever will the people of Yazoo City and Yazoo County, MS hold a special place in our heart, and now we have added to that list for which we are grateful the Catch-A-Dream Foundation and all its volunteers and supporters!