Weather doesn’t hinder Catch-A-Dream Bass Classic

The Clarion-Ledger
By Brian Broom
May 2016

Despite unfavorable conditions, the Catch-A-Dream Bass Classic on Ross Barnett Reservoir drew over 400 anglers and produced some big sacks.

“We blasted off 210 boats Sunday morning,” Catch-A-Dream Foundation CEO Marty Brunson said. “Stormy weather was forecast and that prediction came true. It started raining hard probably at 10 o’clock with persistent rain until about noon.”

Anglers dealt with the conditions and it took over 19 pounds to win, which is about average for the tournament.

“It’s around 20 pounds each year,” Brunson said.

Although tournament weights remained at a normal level, a preliminary count indicates proceeds from the event increased over last year.

“I’m hoping and got my fingers crossed we’re at $50,000,” Brunson said. “We may be a little short, but it will be more than last year’s $43,000. We were up on sponsors this year.”

This year’s addition of a kayak division also made a contribution. While the field consisted of 12 anglers, Brunson said it generated somewhere between $800 and $1,000 to the foundation. Brunson said he feels word will get out about the kayak competition and expand in coming years.

Proceeds from the events ares used to provide children with life-threatening conditions hunting and fishing trips of a lifetime.

Catch-A-Dream Bass Classic, Ross Barnett Reservoir, April 30-May 1

Overall winners

1. Corey Sullivan, Bill McKay, 5 fish, 19.58 pounds

2. Brigg Abercrombie, Ray King, 5 fish, 19.43 pounds

3. Clint Corley, Chad Corley, 5 fish, 18.01 pounds

4. Joel Ross, Steve Hederman, 5 fish, 17.54 pounds

5. Austin Banks, Scott McGehee, 5 fish, 16.52 pounds

Buddy Team

1. Shane Cade, Cera Cade, 12.11 pounds

2. Mike Norsworthy, Lake Norsworthy, 11.72 pounds

3. Mike Springer, Natlie Springer, 9.89 pounds

4. John Springer, Addyson Springer, 9.17 pounds

5. Kevin Parker, Bryce Parker, 6.54 pounds

Couples Team

1. Daniel Robertson, Mary Robertson, 14.09 pounds

2. Ben Etheredge, Kasie Etheredge, 12.60 pounds

3. Donald Adcock, Bridgett Adcock, 11.84 pounds

4. Nick Butts Corena Butts, 11.48 pounds

5. Donald Terry, Elizabeth Terry, 9.31 pounds

Safety Team

1. Chad Moorehead, Anthony Acy, 15.44 pounds

2. Grant Britt, Nic Gamble, 12.21 pounds

3. Sidney Malone, Tanner Malone, 10.97 pounds

4. Michael Nichols, Jim Bob Brock, 10.30 pounds

5. Josh Swales, Larry Swales, 9.48 pounds

Big Bass Side Pot

Steve McPeek, Mark Thomason, 7.33 pounds

Kayak Division

1. Jay Allen, 5 fish, 86 inches

2. Dewayne Walley, 5 fish, 84.75 inches

3. Matt Lehman, 5 fish, 74.75 inches

4. Brad Case, 5 fish, 73 inches

5. Manny Duran, 4 fish, 51 inches

Big Bass: Jay Allen, 20.75 inches

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